Appreciation and value creation

Together we create values –
that is our goal

Since 2005, we have successfully dedicated ourselves to developing places for living and working and to promote entrepreneurship in rural areas.

Our actions are based on the common / fundamental values; integrity, reliability, honesty. Everybody strives for an environment that is intact and vital, attractive and prosperous. For this we want to do our part, with heart and mind and with all our experience.

Combining appreciation of people and value creation, reconciling people and the economy – this is our path to the goal.

Integrity is the basis of our actions

We work according to the principle of the old German principle of the “honorable merchant who always acts honestly, reliably and with integrity.

With our largest project so far, the Robert-Koch-Park in Mölln, we have exemplified our ambition to reconcile society and economy. On four hectares, we have created a diverse, urban area with a model character for social inclusion.

The “honorable businessman” is not opposed to the interests of society – he is sustainable. That’s exactly what we believe in and what we live for.

Recognize and use opportunities

Without the return pressure of a large corporation we can realize projects without speculative intentions in cooperation with regional partners.

Our projects generate their added value in the real economic cycle – they do not have to provide short-term profit for shareholders, all stakeholders value long-term and solid development.

As the LTG AG Lauenburgische Treuhand, the literal meaning of our name is the guideline of our actions: the real estate projects, investments and corporate developments entrusted to us are brought to full potential to flourish.