Our team

The LTG AG is run by personalities from various professions who are experienced and open-minded to new ideas and are eager to welcome new partners into our network


LTG.next is a platform for the joint development and networking of young entrepreneurs, for setting new impulses and creating new opportunities.

From the business idea to strategy, formalities and financing to marketing, LTG.next is the “one stop shop” for start-ups and new projects.

The offer includes peer-to-peer business coaching. Access to experienced experts from different fields and cooperation on joint projects.

The LTG.next is the central point of contact for the regional business generation, it is home port and tailwind. In the network of loyal partners, individual success is made possible and community feeling can be experienced.

The history of the LTG


At the end of the past decade, the course has already been set for the next chapter of the LTG. LTG has been an AG since January 2020. This favors the further expansion of capacities and the intensification of nationwide and international projects. The previous Senior Investment Manager Björn Münchow has been the director of LTG AG Lauenburgische Treuhand since January.


On 4.5 hectares we developed a new, colorful, inclusive district for Mölln, with an ecological model character: the “Robert-Koch-Park” with 180 apartments, school, day care center, nursing home for seniors, public bistro, medical center and commercial locations.


Founding of the subsidiary LTG.next, which supports the next generation of young entrepreneurs in the region with special assistance and offers of a networking platform.


Renovation of the former “Hertie House” and acquisition of the dilapidated “Karstadt House” for demolition and new construction, both in the center of Mölln.


Successful refurbishment of the historic hotel Quellenhof in Mölln with the largest multifunctional event hall between Hamburg and Lübeck – since then a 3-star hotel and an economical driver for regional tourism.


Acquisition and extensive refurbishment of the “Haus Stadt Hamburg” in the center of Mölln, numerous structural challenges were mastered in cooperation with local companies. The reconstruction provided for a significant appreciation of the location in the city center.


The first milestone: Three of Mohr’s four former sites were revived and have since then contributed to the attractiveness of the respective inner cities as a “MC Modencentrum“.


Three years later, the time had come: The official founding of LTG by Thomas Klahn and his partners at the time, today’s co-partners Uwe Grothkopp and Martin Röhrs came aboard shortly thereafter.


The bankruptcy of the traditional company Mohr, a regional department store chain in the Duchy of Lauenburg, provided the impetus: The local economy must be helped with advice and action and capital, if necessary – and nobody can do that better than the local people. The idea for the LTG was born.