On 06.11.2019 this year’s HanseBelt e.V. Futurecongress took place in Lübeck. The Lauenburgische Treuhand attended as a convinced member with three colleagues and listened to interesting keynotes on the regional development of northern Germany and southern Denmark. As a highlight, Managing Director Klaus Schlie, Junior Investment Manager Nils Roll and Junior Project Manager Tim Koppenhagen attended the lecture of the Danish futurologist Claus Kjeldsen from the Heimdall Institute on the megatrends of the coming decades.

We operate within and outside the region Schleswig Holstein, which has a great German-Danish past. Some of our employees have also lived in the Denmark for a few years, therefore we believe in the opportunities and opportunities of both our regions.

In the future, LTG will continue to think outside the box of its own company development, adding, for example, various projects in Berlin and Dresden.

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