Dear customers, dear project partners and colleagues,

Keeping away is the current resolution of the hour – we also symbolize this with our logo

Based on the current health situation, we have also decided to temporarily switch to a home-office workplace. We consider ourselves lucky that we are able to work with a laptop and a cell phone only in the most cases. Our office remains accessible for most of the time with minimal staffing. If you cannot reach us by phone, you can of course still reach us by email. In order to avoid a possible infection, we ask you to restrict the normal daily traffic in the office building. We also had to cancel our keynote event at the end of March for public security reasons. We will let you know as soon as the government  re-judges our LTG Impuls events to be “not critical”.

We hope that you all stay healthy and that we can work together again soon. Please take the situation seriously and protect your relatives.

Update 04/23/20: We are back in the office at regular intervals and with the prescribed spatial distance. From now on you can reach us again via the usual company channels.

Thank you for your understanding.

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