On the 14.11.2019 this year’s economic forum too place. The participation has increased to last year, so we have reached the limits of our own event location in the RKP. We would like to thank a total of about 140 guests, project partners, investors and interested parties.
We are glad about the numerous positive feedback. In the philosophy of the LTG the slogan “People & Economy” is in the foreground, therefore we were pleased to be able to present the various projects in the fields of urban renewal, project development, social housing etc. to a large audience.
Many thanks also to our two guest speakers Consul Bernd Jorkisch and Stig Rømer Winther. With good conversations and culinary delights we were able to make new contacts with representatives from politics and business and maintain existing contacts.
We would like to thank our colleagues from Grüneberg Projekt & Event GmbH for their support this year.
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